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AppleScript & Automator
   at Apple Developer Connection
   Scripting Additions (at
   ScriptBuilders -- over 1300 sample scripts (at
   GUI Scripting (Apple)
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UserLand Frontier
   open source release
   Radio UserLand - awesome power for only $39.95
   Example Scripts
   Script Meridian
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HyperCard Alternatives
   Runtime Revolution
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MacPerl - missing
   MacPerl Apple events tutorial
   Perl (O'Reilly)
   The Perl Institute (Perl Mongers)
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   Jython - Java implementation of Python (!)
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Macintosh Tcl/Tk
   see also: Tcl/Tk Links (Google Web Directory)

   JavaScript OSA - control any scriptable app!!!
   JavaScript and Frontier
   Free EcmaScript Interpreter (in Java)


Scripting Products for Mac OS X
   FaceSpan (Late Night Software)
   FastScripts (Red Sweater Software)
   ScriptMaster XT (Jintek, for QuarkXPress)
   UI Actions (PreFab Software)
   UI Browser (PreFab Software)

AppleScript Products
   ACME Script Widgets (ACME Technologies)
   Script Debugger (Late Night Software)
   Smile (Satimage, FREE)

AppleScript Training and Consulting
   Workflow Automation with AppleScript (TECSoft)
   Write Track Media, Inc.
   Scripting Matters, Inc.
   Automated Workflows
   see also: MacScripter's list

Frontier Products
   Conversant (Macrobyte Resources)
   Tonto (Macrobyte Resources)

Developer Support
   AppleScript Technical Notes
   AppleScript Technical Q&As
   Inside Macintosh: Interapplication Communication
   DevSearcher Programmer's Search Engine

MacScripting Mailing List
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Apps & Topics
   AppleWorks ("ClarisWorks")
   Eudora (eMailman)
   FileMaker (migrating from 6 to 7)
   Lasso: Sending Apple Events
   QuarkXPress, Sal's AppleScript Snippets (1997)

Resources in languages other than English
   Scripteur - 5000+ pages on AppleScript, 900+ pages on Frontier 5, and more.


Bits of History
   General Scripting Info
   Installing AppleScript, Downloadable Docs
   AppleScript FAQ
   Scriptable Applications
   Commercial Scripts
   Developer Articles
   Tech Support
   (Almost) Every Known Scripting Link
   Scripting the Net
   Scripting Products
   Applescript Products


Scripting Products for Mac OS 9
   DataScript (ForeSight)
   OSA Menu (Leonard Rosenthol)
   Player (PreFab Software)
   PhotoScripter (Main Event)

AppleScript Products from the past
   ScriptBase (Main Event)
   Scripter (Main Event)

MacScripting FTP archive (gaea) - Apple's Mirror
   AppleScript FTP
   Frontier FTP
   MacPerl FTP

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by Sal Soghoian,
Bill Cheeseman
Jun 2008
List: $39.99
352 pages
Sal has been "Mr. AppleScript" at Apple for many years. Prior to that he was a QuarkXPress scripting guru.
Tags: Quark
Automating Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign in Adobe Creative Suite 3
by Rick Ralston
Aug 2007
3.0(1 review)
List: $39.99
256 pages
by Jerry Lee Ford Jr.
Jul 2007
List: $29.99
368 pages
by Jerry Lee Ford Jr.
Oct 2006
3.0(4 reviews)
List: $29.99
384 pages
by Matt Neuburg
Mar 2006
128 pages
The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition
by Matt Neuburg
Jan 2006
4.0(35 reviews)
List: $39.99
590 pages
This is a cool book by a great guy.
by Shirley W. Hopkins
Feb 2005
4.5(2 reviews)
List: $49.95
316 pages
The Missing Manual
by Adam Goldstein
Jan 2005
4.0(13 reviews)
List: $24.95
350 pages
The Missing Manual series is highly regarded.
by Stephen G. Kochan
Dec 2004
4.5(3 reviews)
List: $34.99
600 pages